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Ready for Camp

This past weekend Willow Springs received 6 inches of snow, just as the wildflowers are emerging and the new leaves of shrubs are soaking in the sunshine. With the coming of Spring my thoughts go to camp. In a few short weeks staff arrive and the summer begins. Recently we have been working to ensure that staff receive additional training before they arrive to camp through the American Camping Association. This information will be helpful to us as we must constantly learn to do better at our individual roles and grow as professionals. When another summer begins at Willow Springs I can't but help to get excited about the opportunities to create meaningful program for the campers. Summer Camp is a life-changing experience, for campers and staff alike. When a new staff person arrives at Willow Springs for the first time they are impressed by the facilities and the landscape. This place becomes their work, their playground, their classroom, and the place that has called together amazi…