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CIT "Counselor in Training" OR "Camper in Transition"

We would like to welcome back our CIT III's for summer 2011!  Wolverine, Oopsie and Panic are here to learn more about camp counseling and support the campers and program.  It has been great to have them here.  Today Wolverine and Oopsie made their CIT III staff camp shirts and will wear them proudly when parents arrive for pick-up this Friday.

Outdoor Theater Fun Week THREE

Campers sign up to share a special talent by themselves or with their friends!
We had an AMAZING show with songs, skits and even jokes. 
It was wonderful watching the campers on stage! 

Pick ems Tuesday Week Three

Pick'ems or My Choice is a time where campers are able to choose the activity they want to participate in. We had the following choices (in honor of the theme of the week "Around the World".
Yoga, Earth Balls, Capture the Flag with Water, Spanish and French lessons, Archery and marraca creation in Ceramics.
Here are some photos to highlight those activities:

Capture the Flag and Water make a good combination.   It was a hot day and we don't have access to a pool, so sprinklers will do just fine!

Week Three at Willow

"Wheel It" campers are creating massive works of art that are drying in the sunshine. 
They spend three hours per day, working with the clay, OH what fun!, is what they say.

Week Three Camp!

The days are packed full of activity.  This afternoon the campers will choose what they want to do for two hours and have six different choices, along with archery!  Tonight is our Outdoor Theater Talent Show and we have over 30 signups!  We will take photos!

Here is some of the action at camp!

Pine Cone buddies are abundant here at Willow Springs where the tall trees surround us.
Day Campers made some cool nature sticks and used them throughout the day.
Ready, Set, Action campers are getting ready for their performance on Friday.  They are working in three small teams.

Archer and Her Arrow Week Two

For the Archer and Her Arrow program, campers used hand-crafted wooden bows that they then took home and can use for the rest of their lives.  They learned how to shoot, how to make an arrow, and even created their own quivers.
One of the campers told me that it was the most fun she's ever had and you could feel the pride the girls felt for their bows.
Amazing camp!  We will offer this camp next summer as well, be on the look out!

Boppin Brownies

Boppin' Brownies are working on their performance on Friday.  Check them out.

Week Three at Willow Springs!

Hello all!!!
Campers have arrived and we are all ready for a great week at camp!  Week Three is starting today!!!

In CocopahUnit we have the "Boppin' Brownies"
In Apache Unit we have "Step up to the Challenge" and "It's a Slumber Party"
In Navajo Unit we have "Super Sampler"
In Hualapai this week is "Wheel-it" and "Ready, Set, Action"
In the Hidden Unit are the Counselor in Training II and III campers!

Forest Quest Day Camp also starts this week and we are looking forward to meeting our day campers!