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Picture Day!

Today the girls took their unit photos! 
Hualapai in their spiffy ropes gear!
 Cocopah princesses!
The lovely Hidden girls!
Beautiful Apache!
Wonderful Navajo (who slept under the stars last night!)
The girls are having a wonderful breezy 89 degree day today. 

It may be their last full day, but it's going to be an epic one.  Over and out!

Hiking, and Tutus, and Snakes, Oh My!

Wednesday started with a bang!!
After breakfast the girls went off on their way to various activities such as tie-dyeing, wood burning, and candle making. They also got to check out the Trading Post!

Here is the Navajo Unit "cooking-out". They made grilled cheese sandwiches along with tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, and a dessert of rice crispies!

In the afternoon, many of the girls got to meet wild animals such as a Madagascar hissing cockroach, Desert Tortoise, snakes, and a hawk in rehabilitation.

Many of the girls learned how to make their own tutus for the theme of the week: Fairytales!

Here are a groups of girls with our camp director, Juniper getting ready for a hike!!
We still have two more days in Week 1 packed full of amazing programs! Stay tuned!


First Night "Campfire" in our Outdoor Theater!!! Fun was had by all!!

The campers are here!!!  They are busy getting their cabin signs ready and settling into their bunks. The weather at Willow is amazing and we look forward to dinner and evening program.  We will post photos throughout the week.
Summer Camp Week One has begun!

The Campers Arrive Tomorrow!

The Campers are coming! The Campers are coming! In less than 15 hours we will have our first campers of the season. Staff have been strategically placing friendship bracelet supplies all evening, the tables for check-in have been set-up, and all of the counselors have gone to bed with the anticipation of kids before Christmas. Parent check-in begins at two p.m.! Woo-hoo!