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This may be the end of week four but it's only the beginning....

A very accomplished week had we. Success in all areas of camp life! Together we slept out under the stars after an outdoor movie and an EPIC western themed all-camp put on by out stellar CIT 2's!! We had girls up in the trees, solving mysteries, super sampling sprees, Willow Springs glee and daring d'vinci's!Girls spinning clay and dancing the night away! We were all full of love and play! A few highlights below could never complete how awesome and sweet our life is here at Willow Springs. 
 Apache girls learned how to wire wrap found treasures into beautiful jewelry and do splatter art.

Hidden hip hopper's are just 2 crew 4 you!
Willow Springs Glee Club put tears in our eyes with their passionate and talented voices! We HEART you too!

Week 4 Super Stars!

Girls learn about the different parts of a tree and act it out!

Up in the Trees girls had an amazing time on low ropes. They worked together to accomplish tasks and get through obstacle courses! 

The CITs makin' s'mores! Delicious!

That moment.

That moment! During program, when a concept just 'clicks' and the girls know they have got it, and the counselor looks like she is going to tear up because it was that beautiful. That moment happened about 20 minutes ago with the Glee Club girls. They sang in harmony and all the birds fell silent for a moment and listened.

Meanwhile, in ceramics, the Potters Heaven crew was in the zone. The zone I tell you! Their noses were millimeters from the wheels.

And meanwhile again, the lovely Mako was attacked in the Trading Post by a hoard of affectionate camper squids.