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Culturally Connected All Camp

It's here! The international staff have been waiting and preparing for their night to shine. We have staff from all around the world and it was their night to share their culture with the campers last night. Check out the photos below.

Here are some of our staff representing Mexico. They made horchata for the girls to try.

These lovely ladies represent Scottland and England. 

 The girls are learning about bunting from England, which is traditional festive decoration made from fabric.
 Cobra from New Zealand is teaching the girls a traditional game.

 Haggis began to teach the girls about a traditional Scottish dance. Once the song come on the stereo, the entire lodge got up and danced.
 Girls had their face painted with traditional South African designs.
 Of course we had one big dance party as soon as favorite songs came.

And flag.

Fun in the Sun during Week 6!

It has been sunny in the morning with slight showers in the afternoon. Check out what we have been up to!

 Cocopah girls showing off their stuffed buddies!

Fashion Frenzy girls are getting everything stitched up for a fashion show on Friday morning.  They even took some time to screen print a design on the back of their vests. 
They tested their designs on paper first then printed on their vests. 

Here they are again, this time painting their own image of a Disney princess gown.  

Clay time! 

Sometimes we all need a little bit of drama games in our life.

Adventure Racer girls did some exercises. 

Cocopah girls are just hanging out in the Big House.  

 The Her Story girls are completing their self portraits.

Crazy Cookouts

This week we were able to cook over the fire since the fire ban was lifted. Check out the photos below!

The Adventure Racer girls decided to make some yummy grilled cheese over the fire. After the sandwiches were eaten, they fried up churros. 

The Navajo girls stayed in their unit and cooked tomato soup and grilled cheese. 

After cooking noodles and cheese in the dutch oven, the Spotlights on You and Super Sampler campers enjoyed their mac and cheese. In these photos, they are making their desert. Sometimes marshmallows catch on fire. You just have to be calm and blow it out. 

And the Fashion Frenzy girls cooked up some fajitas as well as churros. 

International Week at Willow

Week 6 has flown by so fast and we have had some amazing adventures so far. Cookouts, sleepouts, hammocking, facepaint, and so much more. Take a look at what we have been doing so far.

Our Opening Campfire on Sunday evening was hosted by our good friends of Hualapai. 
Everyone thought of wishes for the week and we put all of the thoughts into our magic wishing dust. Once thrown on the fire, it sparks with energy. 

The Spotlights on You girls started rehearsing for their play Annie. The performance will be held on Friday for the whole camp to see.  

On Tuesday afternoon, camp Willow Springs holds my choice activities. This past Tuesday the girls had a variety of activities to choose from including watercolor painting, ceramics, and writing letters about Willowmina (our large, blue chicken).   Here are some campers enjoying the watercolor session.

And here are some girls getting messy and creative in  ceramics. 
When afternoon rain storms begin to hit, everyone heads in side for additional…