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Successful Week 6!

In Week 6, we had incredible weather, amazing campers, and sensational programs! One such program was the Runway Rebels who got to pick out an article of clothing from a thrift shop and alter it. They also made their very own stuffed animal friends. :D Here are the before and afters.

Here are some more photos of some campers participating in fun and games!

PJ Frenzy

We put PIZZAZZ into our meals! For every dinner we try to do something fun for the campers. This dinner in particular, we decided to have a pajama dinner party!!  Here are some photos of the fun!


One of the coolest and newest programs that Willow Springs offers is Bike-a-polooza!! This program lets girls ride their bikes all over, learn about bike mechanics, and become hip cycling chickas!! Here is some proof of the rad time they are having...
-biking Frisbee
-out on the trails
-and making their very own boxes to add to the front of their bikes

Camping Delights

Runway Rebels in their Thrift Shop finds!  They will work on altering these into new amazing outfits!
Super Sampler Taking a hike up and up...

...and now introducing, My Choice!
Tie Dye Circles
Dream Catchers

Bringing on Week 6!!

Week 6 is here! Oh how the time flies... :]
Clay and Play looking at examples of amazing artwork... and then making their own!

School of magic girls working their imagination to create their very own Mythical Creatures!!

Super Samples having a blast playing drama games!!
Week 6 is a week to watch so stay tuned!! Peace out Girl Scout!