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Camper stories

Yesterday we planted the flowers in front of Steiner and the Big House. Today, Steve, our Camp Ranger, completed the desks in the office and I have officially moved into the place.
Moving my computer and files and plans for staff training into the Summer Camp Office helps me focus my energies into the excitement that camp will bring. I position my desk towards the front of the door so that I can see the campers and counselors arrive, ready for program or to shop in the camp store.
Last summer I realized that whenever campers bought ice cream from the camp store, I craved it! I spent more money in the camp store then I was prepared for and that ice cream was the best in the world.
The sensation of summer camp is unlike any other feeling. Camp brings so many campers and counselors from all walks of life who learn new things about themselves and share their stories in a trusting and safe community. When I share the magic and power of camp to parents I tell them about a camper I met last sum…