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The Administrative Team at Willow Springs Summer 2011

Smalls: Assistant Camp Director & Challenge Course Director Queso: Assistant Camp Director & Day Camp Coordinator Turtle: Business Manager & Trading Post Director Kiva: Program Director & CIT Supervisor Juniper: Camp Director

Willow Springs Staff 2011

After ten weeks living and working together, the staff of Willow Springs are now departing.
Most will be heading back to college, others meeting up with family and friends for more vacation time, and others on their path to seek full-time employement and begin their lives on their own.
When a large group of women arrive to work together a tremendous power and energy takes over and this summer was proof that the passion of each of these women will last a lifetime in the memory of a camper and fellow staff members.
Thank you to the Staff of 2011!!!!

More photos for Week #8


Week #8 Willow Springs


Week 8 at Willow Springs

This week's theme, "Superhero" brought many campers and staff to the first night campfire in full attire! The campers met Juliette Low and learned more about her powers. Tomorrow they will create projects to restore her power because last night the Mustache Villians stole one of the most important items.

Monday has been a great day!  Our weather has been great and we are hoping that it stays cool and calm.  In just a few hours the campers will attend the Outdoor Variety Show and we are looking forward to seeing all the skits, songs and performances from campers and staff alike.

Here are some photos from today!

Last week of camp!!!!

Our campers are all here and we are ready to go to dinner.  The weather is wonderful and all the girls have moved into their cabins.  Photos and stories to come!

More fun times during Week #7 Camp!


Week #7 Willow Springs Camp

We had a great week of camp last week and wanted to post all the amazing projects and fun adventures. I hope you enjoy...