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June 7th Update

It was another busy day at Willow Springs! Girls dressed up as princesses and participated in a tea party, Humpty Dumpty was dropped off a ladder (and survived!), and campers had the chance to create their very own storybooks. Some units slept in and enjoyed a pack-out breakfast, and all campers posed for a unit photograph after the day's lunch that will be sent home with them tomorrow. Check out some of the photos from the day below!

Opening Days!

The first night at Willow Springs' 2012 summer camp season was filled with Wild Things, dinosaurs, and little red cabooses in celebration of this week's theme, Storybook. Opening campfire took place at the new outdoor stage, where some favorite childhood characters came to life and each unit had an opportunity to teach the others a new song. Campers awoke on their first full day to a decked-out Lodge, where over 30 picture books hung from the rafters and silly Seuss quotes sprinkled the walls. Cocopah got a visit from some special animal guests, Navajo and Apache jammed to music in their jammies, Hualapai worked on team building through low-ropes initiatives, and Hidden had the chance to test their shot on the archery course. At the end of the day, all of the units participated in a cook-out and an all-camp evening activity in which girls chose a storybook-themed  station to work at. Girls had a choice of the Three Little Pigs, where forts were built; the Gingerbread Man, wher…
It's that time ... THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP! The sun is bright, the sky is oh so very blue, we are all looking pretty spiffy in our new staff shirts, and ... wait. Why have all the staff started singing at once? It's the bus! The first bus of the summer is here! To be continued ...