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Final night of Fall Break Camp

Fall Break Camp, 2011 is nearly over.  With 28 girls this has been an exciting week full of adventures, new challenges and wonderful friendships.  The girls are currently in their cabins and packing their bags for their journey home tomorrow.  First thing in the morning they will cook a meal in their unit and then clean, with additional activities before and after lunch.
The bus arrives at Willow at 3pm and they should arrive back in Phoenix by 5:30pm.

Many memories come to mind these past four days and we look forward to seeing our campers at Willow Springs for Spring Break Camp in March as well as for Summer Camp.

The weather has been fantastic and yesterday the Juniors were able to watch nine mule deer eating near the Lodge.  The brownies completed their garden today and each girl was able to plant a shrub (which they named) and we will be sure to take care of those plants as the fall changes to winter.
It's been an enjoyable week. 

Here are some additional photos of the past few d…

Photos Day One at Fall Break Camp


Pictures Day One Fall Break Camp


Fall Break at Willow Springs

Today was the first full day of fall camp.  The girls are making new friends and eating well.  The cabins are keeping them warm at night and the day was warm and sunny.
The brownies say two tarantulas on the trail and were very excited.  The juniors witnessed five skunks walking through the's been fun to see the wildlife.
Today the cadettes were on the low challenge course in the morning while the brownies painted ceramics and created the first soil layers of the new Brownie garden! 
The juniors are going to cook out two meals to earn one of their badges and they planned their meals today.

Tomorrow the Cadettes will work on earning their Orienteering and High Adventure Interest Project awards and will have the opportunity to be on the zipline and later in the week the Juniors will visit the Low Challenge Course.
More to come as the days progress!!!