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Thursday- A Day Filled With Memories and Fun

The last full day of our first week, and camp couldn't be going any better. After a fun filled morning, the action continued with more forts, archery and cook outs. Girls got to make decisions in my choice about what activities they would like to do all around camp. Evening ended in campfire and sleeping in forts or under the stars. Here are some pictures from all the excitement.

What kind of super heroine goes into a situation without a mask? During my choice, some of our campers created their own masks to protect their identity.  Other girls decided to share their kindness and compassion with camp by "Lamb-bushing". They handed out kind notes with a "baaa!"

In the middle of my choice, we all got together for snack. Girls of all ages hung out together as we dined on goldfish and oranges. Yum!
Ready, aim, fire! After snack we got back to my choice. Archery definitely hit the target on having a good time.

Others chose parachute games. We played cat and mouse and…

Thursday Morning? Perfect for sleeping in!

This morning after an evening filled with activities, most of the units decided to sleep in and make their own breakfasts. For some cereal, milk, bagels and fruit was the choice meal while for the more adventurous (such as Apache and Hidden) nothing else will do but pancakes, eggs and bacon.

The morning madness in Apache begins with a hot breakfast the girls themselves prepared. After learning how to safely use a propane stove counsellors help the girls cook their pancakes, eggs and bacon in personal skillets.

Food always tastes best when you cook it yourself and eating with friends.

After fueling themselves on breakfast in the lodge, Navajo started in on constructing an epic fort. After making the walls, it's time to raise the roof!
Every now and then, builders need to kick back and relax. Pop on your cat hat and recline in your constructed laz-e-girl recliner.

No fort is complete with out decorations! Especially home made beautifications.
Television anyone? or Cat-o-vision? Ei…

Having a Super Time at All Camp

After a long day at camp, running around under the bright sun, the whole camp got together to let go, relax and dance! We pulled off some super moves as all of us channeled our inner heroes.

All the girls first came up with and showed off the true identity of one of their super hero peers- Here's Eco-Girl! Not only is she a psychologist, but she cares about the environment too! Then all the girls got up to share their moves! We had some incredible ones from the girls while counsellors mostly stuck to the classics like the shopping cart. Wow! Look at those moves. My Spidey senses are tingling! I am sensing that everyone had a blast! Even Batgirl and friends had an epic time! Too much dancing can make even the best super heroine thirsty. Always good to stay hydrated while dancing with a quick drink of water or fruit punch.

Welcome to our Home!

Last Sunday we got our first taste of who our campers are going to be. Open house allowed our staff to share their gifts with prospective campers and their families and allowed our future campers to get a taste of camp life at Willow Springs

What better way to start a tour then to make a take-home craft! Gypsy and Pixie helped girls camouflage into camp life by creating marvelous masks.

Of course, no trip to Willow Springs is complete without stopping in at the Trading Post. Webkinz and monsters and teddy bears oh my!

At Willow Springs we are always prepared to throw a ball- of clay on the pottery wheel that is! Every girl at camp will have the opportunity to create a lasting work of art in our ceramics studio.
We toured the whole camp before ending up back at the big house office. Trading post again anyone?

Evacuation Drill

Willow Spring has gotten a lot of questions recently about our fire safety and how the camp will react if there needs to be an evacuation. We are proud to say that our staff has been well trained and all of us at Willow Springs and our community of Prescott at large have rehearsed what we will do if such a thing should become necessary. We documented the event and wish to share some of that with you. Although we hope it should never come to it, our staff and the community of Prescott is prepared to protect your daughters at all cost.

We loaded the staff on a local school bus to drive to our designated evacuation site off camp. Through out the exercise, the staff remained calm and attentive.
Camp Willow Springs' administration staff and the local sheriff's office escort surveyed the site, checking for danger before allowing any staff off of the busses, as we would do for your daughters. Staff left and entered the busses in their units, counting before loading, as the staff loa…

Week One Arrival- A New Summer Saga Begins

Today our staff welcomed our very first summer campers to our community! We are so excited to get to know every single one of them. After two long (fun) weeks of training we are ready to get down to camping. The first campers coming off the bus! After a long trip from Phoenix, we can't wait to begin. Good things these girls took a nap on the bus. We have a great evening of fun and games lined up for all. All checked in and time to begin. Everyone is embracing their inner super heroine as we play a little get to know you game. What would your super hero pose be? Everyone is so happy to be at camp. Daisy can't stop smiling as we learn each other's names and about our inner super powers. Here comes Sally Walker busting out her best dance moves! There is no better way to meet new friends than by showing off your moves.

Counselors are Here!

Everyone is here and we are off to a fantastic start preparing for summer 2014. 
Games, games, and more games!

The new and improved fire ring!

Taking the training outdoors.

Jie Jie holding a discussion about the environment.


Staff trying their hand at archery.

Fun times at archery

Time for the challenge course.

Whale Watch; a low element.
The Wall

Zig Zag

Zig Zag

Drama games with Panther