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We Play on the Weekends too!

Here at Willow Springs we host many guests including troops across AZ. This past weekend over 100 troop guests joined us on crazy adventures. The following photos capture our wonderful time.

Some of the older girls tried the challenge course zip line.

Outdoor cooking II spent the morning cooking pizzas in the dutch ovens. 

Outdoor Cooking I made individualized personal pizzas in the cast iron skillets over the fire.

Some of the troops tried their hand at archery.

And others tie-died.

Almost everyone spent time in Zuni painting a mug. 

And some troops dressed up as s'mores to prepare for our adventure making s'mores over the fire. Even though our fire was cut short due to threatening storm clouds, we still had a blast singing so many camp songs. 

Hooray! The fire ban is lifted!!! Now we can experience real fires hopefully for the rest of the summer. This evening the troops had a chance to perform a song for whole group during the campfire. 
Join us next time for more photos. Up…

We're Playing in the Rain and More!

Its been a rainy week, but we have managed to keep busy in the lodge.

Go fish anyone?

When its not raining, we spend time painting in archery! Here the Archer and Her Arrow Program created abstract paintings using their skills!

The Sequential Artist girls are hard at work designing their own comic books.

 The CIT's are spending time in the dance room!

Up in the Trees are creating tree tiles in ceramics! 

Welcome to the circus! During last night's All Camp, we held a variety of games and activities including playing with shaving cream  

face painting,


Blast to the Past Back to Week 4

Take a look at these awesome photos from week four!

 CIT II's s getting crazy

Whoa! Bike-A-Palooza girls are learning some new skills!

Again with the silly CIT II's. 

This week campers were invited to a fashion show after the dressed their counselors up in the most magical costumes.

A conga line was formed during the dance party. 

The Art Punk campers spent some time in Jerome learning about artistic careers and discovering many types of art in the galleries. We visited the kaleidoscope gallery where the Art Punks could actually touch the art.

Here an oil painter explains his work as the Art Punks ask him questions about being an artist. 

Art Punks in Jerome

It was Navajo's turn to host closing campfire. Here the campers are welcoming everyone into the fire circle with a song. 

Juniper tells a story at closing campfire. 

Hurray for Week 5!

Welcome to the circus! Get ready for a fun and exciting week with clown makeup, balloon animals, fortune telling, juggling, and much, much more.
Time to start unpacking!
First day at Willow Springs and the School of Magic girls are off to a great start playing games.

Here are the Sequential Artist girls creating their very own comic book characters. 
Sewing time with the Green Thumbs. They are creating tote bags to gather garden foods at local farms.
Its dance time with the School of Magic campers. Trying their best to leap over the tape. 

Friends and Fun spent some time this morning stretching during yoga class. 

Ready, set, tie die! Up in the Trees and Glee Club were turning their white shirts into colorful camp clothing. 

Daring D' Vincni girls spent some time in the art room experimenting with watercolors.

Tinkerbell taught the Green Thumbs and Sequential Artist campers archery and here they are rocking their arm guards. 

The girls of School of Magic loved making taffy.