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Week Three Comes to an Epic End!

The Boppin Brownies helped close out the week with an awesome Bollywood performance! It was adorable!
 Archer and Her Arrow and The Magic Spell ended their night with naming ceremonies from the Master Archer and a fairy from far off lands. They then had the chance to shoot under the moonlight at the range decorated in a florescent glow!
Much fun was had by all programs, campers made new friends and we were all witness to the magic of camp! We will miss our week three campers and are anxious for another week of fun, friends, and celebration.

Happy Happenings

Makin' cheese grits!
..and pound cake!!
Eating the taffy they made while writing a book of spells!!

Everyone likes Hula Hoops!

Fun at camp, Week 3!

This week has been so rewarding!  With amazing campers and counselors, ithas been an absolute success!  Girls at "All Camp" coloring Swedish Dala Horses
Morning Flag Ceremony
Working in teams to build shelters!

Painting pottery in the outdoors!
Culinary Cadettes working their magic
Boppin Brownies having a blast as always
Pintastic Fantastic with the stuffed animals they learned to make!


Funny Faces at Camp!

Duck faces in ceramics!
Goofy shenanigans with Clay and Play!
Party in the Trading Post!

And the fun continues!

Girls getting some snazzy face paint during My Choice!

Brownies Boppin' to the Beat with dance instructor Dizzy!

The Clay gals!
Archery having a blast!

Brownies leading camp songs at the Song Tree!
Girls making a fruit salad while learning how to compost the scraps!
It's been an awesome week here at Willow Springs! The Girl Scouts send their love!

Program all the time....

SECRET AGENT ACADEMY...The girls were able to manuever through a maze of streamers constructed by their counselors. Each girl is also working on solving a mystery this week of who took their beloved mascot; each day a new clue prompts them to ask questions and solve the puzzle.

Today our Culinary Cadette program went off-site to Prescott College for a wonderful experience in commercial kitchens as well as farm to table! They picked garlic, chard, fresh herbs and onion from the garden and cooked them. They rolled out pizza dough, made a sauce and even chopped some veggies. After we all ate our delicious pizzas, even the lucky counselors who got to go! The girls asked great questions and wrote down the recipe in the recipe book. It was a amazing experience! Big Thanks to Mark and the Prescott College Team for having us!!

Week 3! WHOOO!!!

Time is flyin'! Week 3 is full of amazing campers! Clay Play!
Magic Spell girls makin' Tie-dye!
Secret agents makin' disguises!
Everyone loves snack time! :D
And the ever popular archery!
We'll keep you posted on this awesome week of program!!