New Program for girls 9th--12th grade!!!

"High Flyers"           Week #8            July 31-August 3rd
Grades 9-12
Price $195.00
Only ten spots available!!!
Spend your days up in the trees working on team leadership goals and sharing stories of your adventures. You will fly like a squirrel, zip down a 200 foot line, and take a LEAP of faith.Join us at Willow Springs and Discover challenge, Connect to a carabineer, and Climb into Action. Girls will be awarded a  special "High Flyers" Patch.
This is the Zipline Complex.  Campers will climb a tree (on a rope belay), walk across the bridge and then across a wire to the zip platform and then get attached to the zipline by an instructor. 

The Leap of Faith is another High Challenge Course Element.  Each camper climbs the tree to the platform, always attached to a rope belay and leaps off the edge.  *this is not a bungee experience.