The Power of Service

at Willow Springs Program Center
Troop #1669 of Chino Valley has been working with us in a program called "Weekdays at Willow". We first met these AWESOME troop of girls last fall when they participated on our low challenge course and made a pinch pot. They returned to see us later in the fall for a program called "Action Planning and Service".
Willow Springs was in need of a special area designated for our young scouts, the daises and brownies. Because we have a high interest in the outdoors, connection to nature and the development of "Free Play' we asked the girls to design and construct an outdoor area that the younger scouts could go to play.
What this troop accomplished in four visits was astounding. We hope to show you through these photos some of their design elements!
We are opening up the Outdoor Free Play Area beginning this summer.
Thank you Troop #1669!!!!!!!!!