Trading Post Items

Campers will have the opportunity to go shopping in our camp store called
"The Trading Post". 
Look over the sample list of items below to decide how much money you would like to send with your camper.  
$12.00                   Willow Springs T-Shirt (available sizes are Youth Small to Adult XL)
$3.00-$4.00          Bandana

 Water Bottles
$5.00                      Hard Plastic Willow Springs
$8.00                      Metal Willow Springs

$2.50-$3.00         Mood Ring
$2.50                    Daisy Ring
$1.00                    Wishlet
$6.00                    Necklace

Plush Animals
$14.00                 Pillow Pals

$2.00                   Key Ring Flashlight
$3.00                   LED Carabiner Flashlight
$7.00                   Flashlight

$5.00                   Camp Confidential Books
$4.00                   Mad Libs

$3.00                   Playing Cards
$2.00                   Peg Puzzle
$1.00                   Assorted Candy
$1.00                   Assorted Soda
$1.00                   Juice
.50cents              Chips

Toiletries (in case you forget or run out!)
$3.50                   Sunscreen
$2.50                   Shampoo
$2.50                   Conditioner
$2.00                   Lotion
$2.00                   Deoderant
$1.00                   Toothpaste
$1.00                   Toothbrush