Happy Returns!

Welcome back, loyal Willow Springs followers! Although it's been quite a while since the last posting, quite a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Our fourth week was Galaxy Girl themed, and a number of performances were spotlighted throughout the end of the week. A play adapted from Hamlet and a dance performed by the Cocopah girls rocked the stage, not to mention an end-of-the-week campfire that rocked the socks off of the Willow staff. The weekend kicked off quickly after check-out with Daisy Weekend. Although the group was small in number, the six and seven year olds got to make oceans in a bottle, chocolate-covered bananas, and visit the camp's secret play area after an alphabet hike. After the girls went home (probably with remnants of face paint and glitter clinging to their hair), the camp had a break for the Fourth of July and met back up again yesterday to celebrate Carnival Week. You can see what kind of fun the girls have been having below!

(ALSO: The daisies left their tiles in ceramics, all of which were unlabeled. If your camper recognizes one of the tiles below as her own, please e-mail gswillow@girlscoutsaz.org or call the office with the number and the name of the camper, and we will ship the tile to you as soon as possible.)