It's been awhile...

Hello avid readers and camp enthusiasts---
  Willow Springs has had a fantastic and full autumn! Since summer ended, camp has hosted a wonderful variety of program. We've seen ten full encampment groups, three individual troops, two leadership weekends, one recruitment event, and eight council sponsored events. Whew... it has been one thrill of a ride!

Some of our favorite fall highlights include:

  • A three hour outdoor chef adventure for a troop made up of 29 Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors in which Juniper and Leprechaun fearless led them in making a three course meal consisting of: chicken soup, cornbread, quesadillas, foil packets, and for dessert... cupcakes baked in orange peels. 
  • A group of teen girls participating in the Artisan program critically analyzing the dis-empowering lyrics of some popular music
  • The Dancin' Daisies and Just Juniors who spent only one night of camp and did a whirlwind of over 10 activities each!
  • Campfire singing with troop 2036
  • Hosting Baby Camp for some incredible women! 
  • Constructing swales and passive rain catchment with 120 Brownies and Cadettes
  • The Troop Campers and CITs who braved a weekend with our first frost and freeze
  • Troop 2310's pronunciation of Papago-- typically pronounced (pop-ah-go) but proudly called (pah-pay-go) for the weekend
  • A small and intimate group of families for winter family camp
We loved spending our time with you!

Resident stick bug-

Brownie and Cadette WOW weekend in October, 2012

Beautiful Horny Toad

A tree that lightning left more than a scar on

A tree with a lightning scar

We are gearing up for an exciting spring and an even more exciting summer. 
Coming up this winter and spring we have:
  • The Oxford Leadership program for older Girl Scouts
  • Me and My Galaxy event for girls and an older female mentor
  • Party in PJs one night camping experience
  • Girls Can Fly avation program
  • Spring Break Camp 
  • Mini Spring Break Camp
  • Water Wonders series for girls Brownies-Cadettes
  • Volunteering at Willow meetings
  • HS campference weekend for high school girls
  • Baby Camp 
  • Water Wonderland overnight for Brownies-Cadettes
  • All the wonderful encampments and troops that will be visiting us too! 
All of these programs and more can be found at the council's website:  

Last, but certainly not least, the winter weather has left us dreaming of warm summer nights spent roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Keep an eye out for that summer camp brochure- it should be arriving in your mailboxes soon. You'll definitely want to check out all our new program offerings. It's gonna be good! 
Winter time at Willow-- December 31st 2012
Happy New Year!