Transformation Spring Break Camp 2013

Spring transformation has begun at Willow Springs! When the girls arrived, luggage in tow, the ground was frosty and covered in the remains of our last snowfall. Walking to their cabins to make their beds and unpack girls slid down our muddy hills and built miniature snow people, thoroughly soaking their Sunday outfits. Nothing says camp like getting muddy within minutes!

After warming up and settling in, the girls attended our opening, roaring campfire where they sang silly songs, had fun sharing skits and stories, and made up a transformation story starring Bubblegum, the fearless girl who wanted to fly across the Grand Canyon with her bacon, puppies, and oooobba goobla (a parachute like contraption that was found a the base of a Juniper tree) in tow!

So far the Brownies have made fairy wings and clothing for their various stuffed animals, painted monster ceramics, built fairy houses, made ice cream in a bag, and did a science experiment with some household items that ended up turning into dinosaur boogers... patent pending. As this blog is being written they are on a hike with Juniper learning about how our land is transforming from winter to spring. The birds are chirping, the buds budding, and the bees a' buzzing!

The Juniors have done all things active! At the time of this writing they are shooting arrows down at Archery. Before today they did low challenge obstacles with Juniper, have explored the woods on multiple hikes, have boulder-ed their way through nearly every rock in camp, and enjoyed a little down time by painting monster ceramics. And on Monday night they spent the evening our visiting Marapai director, Kitty, learning more about one another during a Circle of Friends activity. New friendships have bloomed and are strong!

The Cadettes have discovered the best spot in camp (aka "hidden beach") and have spent every moment they could exploring it thoroughly. They've spent their time bouldering around, painting ceramics, wading through the creek on a particularly warm afternoon, throwing the final snow balls, trying their hand at archery, and hiking the majority of our beautiful landscape. Last night they got visited by about 10 javalina who were looking for a snack-- thankfully, the Cadettes had none to offer. As this blog is being written they are putting their harnesses on to take a trip down the zip line.

Our fearless CITs (Counselors in Training) have spent their time shadowing staff, learning about positive reinforcement behavior management, leading nearly every singing session, and discovering what it means to be observant at all times by taking care of a few of our resident stuffed animals. Their leadership skills are growing before our eyes and this afternoon they'll lead six activities during "my choice."
Our fearless CITs

So far the time at Spring Break camp has been warm, wonderful, and full of laughter and yummy food. All the girls got a chance to meet some AmeriCorps volunteers and help camp out by building swales and planting bushes and trees. After lunch one day, all the girls got the treat of watching the transformation that happens when diet coke and mentos candy meet. All the girls have also participated in night hikes where they learned more about constellations and the Cadettes report seeing the final moments of a comet passing by. Additionally, all the girls got a chance to look through a telescope and draw out their own constellation with a corresponding story.

Tonight the Brownies and Juniors will be thrown a secret party by the Cadettes (shh... don't tell) and everyone will get their s'mores fill at our final campfire. It is reported that the Cadettes may also surprise camp by performing the Harlem Shake at some point and the Brownies and Juniors have been seen practicing a sing-song routine.

Tomorrow, we will get a chance to sleep in for a bit and enjoy making stuffed French Toasted over a fire. We're not ready for our time to end, and want to spend every last moment enjoying the land, new friendships, and fun happenings.