Staff training CONTINUES

All of our staff have trickled in since May 23rd and have been very hard at work getting ready for the 2013 camping season. They are becoming one excitable, safety aware, well oiled machine. And by the looks of it they are having fun doing it...
Fanta sewing a heart in ceramics. They were donated to a hospital in Utah! 

More arts and crafts! 

Staff got to try their hand at Archery training with our trusted instructor, Red! 

Before you know it they'll be hitting bullseye left and right.

Nature ceramics!

After a quick flour fight, Squeaks gives a hug to our #1 volunteer, Corvid. 

We had a funky pajama party sleep-out in the lodge! 

And as a reminder, we hope to see you all at our Open House tomorrow from 10-2. Bring your family, bring your friends, let's have a ball!