Hiking, and Tutus, and Snakes, Oh My!

Wednesday started with a bang!!
After breakfast the girls went off on their way to various activities such as tie-dyeing, wood burning, and candle making. They also got to check out the Trading Post!

Here is the Navajo Unit "cooking-out". They made grilled cheese sandwiches along with tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, and a dessert of rice crispies!

In the afternoon, many of the girls got to meet wild animals such as a Madagascar hissing cockroach, Desert Tortoise, snakes, and a hawk in rehabilitation.

Many of the girls learned how to make their own tutus for the theme of the week: Fairytales!

Here are a groups of girls with our camp director, Juniper getting ready for a hike!!

We still have two more days in Week 1 packed full of amazing programs! Stay tuned!