Week 7 Night Two... The fun continues

Today has been a fabulous day!!

The "Come Clay Around" girls spent the morning throwing bowls, mugs, and all sorts of treasures on the wheels in the ceramic studio. The Haulapai and Pima girls spent the morning shooting at Archery while "Ready, Set, Action" made costumes for their upcoming filming. Rumor has it they'll be done with filming tomorrow and ready for the cutting room floor! The Culinary Cadettes spent the morning making homemade biscuits and gravy with bacon and hash browns. They then hiked off all those calories and came back to make homemade pizza and monkey bread! This afternoon all the girls went to "my choice" where they had the option to hike to our infamous hammock city, show off their voices in a karaoke competition, and have some voice lessons by Ginger, our resident singer. As of this posting, a camper has rescued a baby bird and is currently trying feed it ants via tweezers, the Culinary Cadettes are having a "cupcake war," the Neverland crew is going to go rescue the fairies stolen from their homes, In-spa-ration is making face masks, Cocopah is making s'mores before going on a night hike, and the Ultimate Art unit is going on a night hike and making silhouette drawings.  All is well. The magic of camp can be felt.

Here are the unit photos we took today....