Casting off to Sea with Pirates and Parrots Week!

Arggh Mateys! We've scrubbed the poop deck at Camp Willow Springs, raised the sails, raised the anchor and we're ready to set sail. All aboard one and all for an exciting week of fun, games, adventure and a little bit of camp madness!

Nothing better to start the week off on a good peg like a swashbuckling get to know you game! Navajo was filled with running and excitement as all the girls met their new friends for the first time.

Meanwhile, the pirates of Cocopah sailed around camp, touring all the facilities. No need for morse code on these ships! Cocopah already found the mailbox to send letters home. 

Then we joined the buccaneers of Cocopah for a game of elbow tag. No pirate was left behind as we all had a wonderful game. 

We then got the unit in ship shape with a beautiful buddy line. 

Yo ho, yo ho! No pirate adventure is complete without songs! We sang our hearts out under the singing tree together. 

Us buckos then got together to sing some more chanteys by fire light.  

Then we set sail for our cabins and dream land. Fair winds my friends. We'll continue this journey on the morrow!