Choose Your Own Adventure Tuesday!

Well it has been another great Tuesday at Camp Willow Springs and do you know what that means? Another day of my choice! Girls had the opportunity to choose between a multitude of different activities that they could do at camp. Some of us chose to get messy in ceramics, while others decided to keep clean and beautify their nails in extreme nail art! Here are some pictures from these events.
My Choice begins! On your mark, get set, GO!

Nothing like looking fancy for camp. After a delicious snack of apples and goldfish crackers, some of our wonderful ladies decided to look their best with some nail art. 

All of us at camp
relaxing writing poems
haikus are the best

Others chose to draw pictures. Pretty tasty eh?

Clay animation might be a lost art, but not at Willow Springs! Look at these creations. 

At the end of the night, all of Navajo decked the archery field in glo-sticks.  Nothing like shooting glowing arrows under the stars with your friends. 


All in all a great day under the Arizona sky. We had fun and shared great memories. Until tomorrow friends!