Counselors are Here!

Everyone is here and we are off to a fantastic start preparing for summer 2014. 

Games, games, and more games!

The new and improved fire ring!

Taking the training outdoors.

Jie Jie holding a discussion about the environment.


Staff trying their hand at archery.

Fun times at archery

Time for the challenge course.

Whale Watch; a low element.

The Wall

Zig Zag

Zig Zag

Drama games with Panther 

Dance with Anaki

Anaki doing a bit of break dancing

 Daisy's dance session

Elbow tag in the field

Hoodini and Moo

Time for solo reflection. Indigo


Counselor groups are working on understanding campers

Role playing. Wolverine as the counselor and Spills as the camper

Doc during the cook out

Little bit of Peppa

  Gypsy and Squeaks experiencing outdoor cookouts.  

Panther at a crazy All Camp. 

You can do almost anything in the garden of your mind. 

Minuet to Win game theme for the Willow Springs All Camp

Tulip attempting the challenge

Night Zip