Evacuation Drill

Willow Spring has gotten a lot of questions recently about our fire safety and how the camp will react if there needs to be an evacuation. We are proud to say that our staff has been well trained and all of us at Willow Springs and our community of Prescott at large have rehearsed what we will do if such a thing should become necessary. We documented the event and wish to share some of that with you. Although we hope it should never come to it, our staff and the community of Prescott is prepared to protect your daughters at all cost.

We loaded the staff on a local school bus to drive to our designated evacuation site off camp. Through out the exercise, the staff remained calm and attentive.

Camp Willow Springs' administration staff and the local sheriff's office escort surveyed the site, checking for danger before allowing any staff off of the busses, as we would do for your daughters.
Staff left and entered the busses in their units, counting before loading, as the staff loaded, periodically through out the trip and as staff left the bus.
After we were done, we thanked all our volunteers using the best tools at our disposal- Girl Scout cookies! Tag-a-longs anyone?