Friday Fun-day!

So we ended our first week of excitement on a Super(hero) note! Even though it was the last day, Camp Willow Springs still had plenty of adventures as we celebrated all of our accomplishments, new friendships and even discovered new things under the bright Arizona sun.

 Animal Crackers experienced some extreme animal adventures! Well, okay- cute ones. Wild tadpoles and salamanders were brought in along with a couple of baby ducks!

Meanwhile, Girls with Grit were inspired. 

After wards, the whole camp got together to watch a play in which evil villains- the Sinister Sisters tried to steal the camp's supply of Girl Scout cookies! Lucky for all, another group of sisters saved the day and we were all able to go to our last lunch.


As a camp, we then all headed to Steiner to celebrate our artistic skills. From pottery to paintings and butterflies to bowls, our whole week was summarized in an artistic extravaganza! What a wonderful way to end our first week. Stay tuned super heroes as the saga continues next week. Same hen time, same hen network.