Having a Super Time at All Camp

After a long day at camp, running around under the bright sun, the whole camp got together to let go, relax and dance! We pulled off some super moves as all of us channeled our inner heroes.

All the girls first came up with and showed off the true identity of one of their super hero peers- Here's Eco-Girl! Not only is she a psychologist, but she cares about the environment too!
Then all the girls got up to share their moves! We had some incredible ones from the girls while counsellors mostly stuck to the classics like the shopping cart.
Wow! Look at those moves.
My Spidey senses are tingling! I am sensing that everyone had a blast!
Even Batgirl and friends had an epic time!
Too much dancing can make even the best super heroine thirsty. Always good to stay hydrated while dancing with a quick drink of water or fruit punch.