Mid Week Madness!!!

So the week continues on, every day filled with adventure here. We went on a quest on Wednesday evening, ransacking all of camp and facing the not-so-perilous, not-so-unknown regions of camp in search of the ultimate hidden treasure: S'mores. Here are some pictures of that event.

Our Questing crew of Cocopah, just returned from the hunt. 
After fighting an evil bandit, time to enjoy the spoils of the hunt.
Delicious s'mores. 

 Our lovely CIT's who hosted the hunt. And finished off our s'mores. It was a Sacrifice for them indeed to eat the last of them, but that's what they're training here for. 

But camp isn't just a place of adventure, but of meeting all of the courageous souls you want to quest with. Here are our camp peeps hanging out with their new besties. 

Friends of both the real and fluffy type.

The Navajo girls and a photo jump in. 

Some people smile for photos, others strike a pose.

Big Smile!

                                                  Let's get crafty in the arts and crafts room!

Webkinz and friends. 

Discover Aviation made it to Hammock City and we took a little nap in the cozy hammocks.

All in all, it has been a great week. We made new friends and explored far and wide at Camp, going on adventures for wonders well known and loved.