Monday with me Mateys!

Ahoy me mateys! Welcome to our first fun filled adventurous day at Camp Willow Springs! We've set sail for a week of adventure and already we've played and learned so much! Here is some of what happened Monday at camp. 

 Navajo began their fishing adventure by making their own bamboo poles. The white whale might not be on their horizon with these poles, but we send our best wishes with them on their fishing trips this week.

Meanwhile, the ladies in Hualapai are hitting the ropes course already, preparing for their time up in those trees. It will help for later when we are climbing up the crow's nest!

All the girls at camp have the opportunity to experience tie-dye as well.  Nothing feels better than knowing you created the art on your shirt yourself. Or covering up the existing logos on the shirts with bright splashes of blue and green.

Our potters found their own personal heaven in Zuni creating masterpieces on the wheel and crafting creations with their hands. 

     We love birthdays here at Willow Springs!!

Getting some sewing completed in our fibers studio!

While others of us be-dazzled the camp with wire and beads. Altogether it was a marvelous start to our epic pirate adventure week. We hope you'll join us tomorrow as we continue to sail through camp.