Saturday- Hualapai Rules the House!

Well while the rest of camp decided to go home, the lovely ladies of Art Punks and High Flyers of Hualapai decided to stick around for another week at Camp Willow Springs. After a Friday evening of back packing and late night arts and crafts, we were rejoined by Hualapai for a little messy fun cooking. 

Here's the ladies making something always in need at camp- soap!

Look at the smiles on their faces, everyone is happy
when we can bathe.

Getting ready for some real baking. Can't go wrong with cupcakes

After mixing it up, measuring it into pans. 
We all got together afterwards for a group photo!

Cooking always allows for some down time. 

Time to be with a new friend

Or pose for a beautiful picture. 
All in all, Saturday was a relaxing way to end the week! Can't wait for tomorrow with a new week, new session and new campers.