Thursday- A Day Filled With Memories and Fun

The last full day of our first week, and camp couldn't be going any better. After a fun filled morning, the action continued with more forts, archery and cook outs. Girls got to make decisions in my choice about what activities they would like to do all around camp. Evening ended in campfire and sleeping in forts or under the stars. Here are some pictures from all the excitement.

What kind of super heroine goes into a situation without a mask? During my choice, some of our campers created their own masks to protect their identity. 
Other girls decided to share their kindness and compassion with camp by "Lamb-bushing". They handed out kind notes with a "baaa!"

In the middle of my choice, we all got together for snack. Girls of all ages hung out together as we dined on goldfish and oranges. Yum!

Ready, aim, fire! After snack we got back to my choice. Archery definitely hit the target on having a good time.

Others chose parachute games. We played cat and mouse and color games.

After my choice, we cleaned up and got ready for cook out. Some of us couldn't wait though and hunted for food in the woods. 

Hidden had their final cooking spree, making fajitas and churros on a propane stove. Estuvieron delicioso!

From cook out, we had campfire. We shared songs and campers shared their memories with our camping community. 
Some chose to camp out under the stars, while our construction crew in Navajo built forts in the lodge. 

We discovered together what amazing structures could be built with just a few sheets a couple of chairs and tables.

If McGuiver could see this action, he would definitely be proud. 

All of our campers for sure were! Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in a structure you built yourself.

Or just sleeping out with your friends. Good night Camp Willow Springs Family. We will see you all in the morning!