Thursday Morning? Perfect for sleeping in!

This morning after an evening filled with activities, most of the units decided to sleep in and make their own breakfasts. For some cereal, milk, bagels and fruit was the choice meal while for the more adventurous (such as Apache and Hidden) nothing else will do but pancakes, eggs and bacon.

The morning madness in Apache begins with a hot breakfast the girls themselves prepared. After learning how to safely use a propane stove counsellors help the girls cook their pancakes, eggs and bacon in personal skillets.

Food always tastes best when you cook it yourself and eating with friends.

After fueling themselves on breakfast in the lodge, Navajo started in on constructing an epic fort. After making the walls, it's time to raise the roof!

Every now and then, builders need to kick back and relax. Pop on your cat hat and recline in your constructed laz-e-girl recliner.

No fort is complete with out decorations! Especially home made beautifications.
Television anyone? or Cat-o-vision? Either way, this one still gets you the news.
Takes a lot of concentration and hard work but together we all got a fort built big enough to hold everyone- even the counsellors.