Week One Arrival- A New Summer Saga Begins

Today our staff welcomed our very first summer campers to our community! We are so excited to get to know every single one of them. After two long (fun) weeks of training we are ready to get down to camping.
The first campers coming off the bus! After a long trip from Phoenix, we can't wait to begin.
Good things these girls took a nap on the bus. We have a great evening of fun and games lined up for all.
All checked in and time to begin. Everyone is embracing their inner super heroine as we play a little get to know you game. What would your super hero pose be?
Everyone is so happy to be at camp. Daisy can't stop smiling as we learn each other's names and about our inner super powers.
Here comes Sally Walker busting out her best dance moves! There is no better way to meet new friends than by showing off your moves.