Week Two and the Exciting Adventures

Well me mateys! We've cast out to sea, and now we're sailing across the wide ocean... well dessert. Today the girls got to make decisions about their camp adventure by choosing which pirate activity they wanted in My Choice as well as creating their own grub at cook out dinner. Many of camp also slept like pirates might have- under the stars with their best mateys. Here are some pictures from those events.

What pirate doesn't like to get made up every once and a while? Here our pirate ladies arrrre applying nail polish to make their nails beautiful.

Pirates also need to know how to light fires safely. How else are they to light their cannons. Here our pirate ladies are creating their very own edible camp fires- complete with flavored "water hoses" to extinguish the deadly flames!

Camp Willow Spring pirates are definitely the craftiest ones on the seven seas! During my choice some of our ladies decided to create their own clay vessels in ceramics. Unfortunately these ones are not the floating type, but they'll sure be pretty!

Every pirate needs to know what the future holds- whether or not the seas will be kind. And where to find the buried treasure! Some ladies decided in my choice to create fortune tellers to read the fates and find their destiny!

Some pirates like to battle over the water. Our ladies like to battle with it. During my choice an epic water fight broke out in the field. Looks like it was a soaker!

 All pirates need a good plate o' grub to end a fun day on the sea. In Apache, some of the girls had the opportunity to cook out with friends making fajitas and churros. 

All in all, the second day at sea was an exciting adventure, filled with the freedom of the seas and memories to last the ages. Girls grew and built up the bonds of friendship.

Potter's Heaven Girls are spending every morning in the Zuni ceramics studio.

 Its getting crazy with the Willow Springs Glee Club. They just opened the drama closet and started making costumes in fibers!

The counselors were stolen by Dangerous Detail and her nasty pirate gang during our All Camp activity . The whole camp worked together to find them and bring them back with amazing help from our counselors- in- training II. 

Cocopah found all of their counselors! 

Here are the Fish Tales at the lake!

Fish Tales spent some time every morning fishing for trout with their newly made fishing poles. 

They caught fish and cooked it for cook out! Some of the best tasting fish.

Rosie Riveters dedicated their time at camp Willow Springs spicing up our Fireplace room in the Big House. They spent all week painting the walls and grouting tiles from the past around the fireplace.   

And finally we have closing campfire. Each group practiced a song and performed it in front of the whole camp during campfire. Goodbye week two. We had a joyous time.