Blast to the Past Back to Week 4

Take a look at these awesome photos from week four!

 CIT II's s getting crazy

 Whoa! Bike-A-Palooza girls are learning some new skills!

Again with the silly CIT II's. 

This week campers were invited to a fashion show after the dressed their counselors up in the most magical costumes.

A conga line was formed during the dance party. 

The Art Punk campers spent some time in Jerome learning about artistic careers and discovering many types of art in the galleries. We visited the kaleidoscope gallery where the Art Punks could actually touch the art.

Here an oil painter explains his work as the Art Punks ask him questions about being an artist. 

Art Punks in Jerome

It was Navajo's turn to host closing campfire. Here the campers are welcoming everyone into the fire circle with a song. 

Juniper tells a story at closing campfire.