We Play on the Weekends too!

Here at Willow Springs we host many guests including troops across AZ. This past weekend over 100 troop guests joined us on crazy adventures. The following photos capture our wonderful time.

Some of the older girls tried the challenge course zip line.

Outdoor cooking II spent the morning cooking pizzas in the dutch ovens. 

Outdoor Cooking I made individualized personal pizzas in the cast iron skillets over the fire.

Some of the troops tried their hand at archery.

And others tie-died.

Almost everyone spent time in Zuni painting a mug. 

And some troops dressed up as s'mores to prepare for our adventure making s'mores over the fire. Even though our fire was cut short due to threatening storm clouds, we still had a blast singing so many camp songs. 

Hooray! The fire ban is lifted!!! Now we can experience real fires hopefully for the rest of the summer. This evening the troops had a chance to perform a song for whole group during the campfire. 

Join us next time for more photos. Up next are photos from Week 6.